Barbecue and Hot Sauces

Our Sauces

Beet BBQ Sauce

Our famous Beet BBQ sauce is now available to be shipped to your door!

Our signature barbecue sauce is balanced yet bold with strong acidity and mustard tang, a background sweetness,  and finishes with a peppery heat. The vibrant color comes from freshly juiced beets. Each bottle is made, filled, and shipped in house.

Heat Week 2020 Sauces

Even though Heat Week 2020 has come and gone you can still turn up the heat at home with our signature Heat Week Vintage 2020 collection of sauces.

Our HOT SAUCE is a bold mix of chile de arbol, garlic, spices, and vinegar. 

Our SPICY BBQ SAUCE is a sambal-spiked version of our classic beet bbq sauce that goes great on ribs, chicken, burgers, wings, and more!

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