Smoked Meats and More

Our Menu

Our menu changes regularly based on availability from purveyors. Please call to confirm availability of items.

44 Farms
Beef Cheeks

$13/ half lb

Pulled Whole Hog

$14/ half lb

Akaushi Brisket
*saturdays only

$15/ half lb

Cauliflower Burnt Ends

$10/ half lb

44 Farms Smoked Barbacoa

$12/ half lb

Citra Hop Sausage

$13/ half lb

One Meat,
Two Sides


Choose one smoked meat or veg and two of our house made sides



Half avocado, stuffed with 44 Farms Smoked Barbacoa and topped with diced white onion, jalapeño salsa, queso fresco, and cilantro

L&L Burger


Ground akaushi brisket, smoked then seared, topped with American cheese, burgers sauce, grilled onion, and house pickles on a Martin’s potato bun

Two Meats,
Two Sides


Choose two smoked meats or veg and two of our house made sides

BBQ Sandwich


Choose a smoked meat or veg on a toasted Martin’s Potato Bun topped with house made kimchi, beet bbq sauce, and fresh herbs

Our menu changes frequently.

Based on availability from our local ranches and the nature of barbecue and food trucks, we rotate our menu often.


Kale Caesar Slaw

Local kale and cabbage, parmesan cheese, house made Caesar dressing and Martin’s potato bread croutons


Pork Hash and Rice

Rich pork gray over white rice


Frito Pie

Classic no-bean Texas chili and Fritos topped with shredded cheddar and diced onions. Ask for jalapeños!


Refried Beans

Spiced pinto beans pureed with plenty of Peaceful Pork lard


House made Kimchi

Spicy, salty, and funky marinated napa cabbage with korean chile flake and dried shrimp



Cheddar Cheesecake

Sweet and salty! Tilamook Sharp Cheddar, Ritz crust, apple butter, and a cheddar crisp


Mexican Hot Cocoa Brownie

Fudgy AF and spiced with cinnamon, ancho powder, and cayenne


Bottle of Beet BBQ Sauce

Our Beet BBQ Sauce is sweet, spicy, tangy, and beautifully colored with fresh beet juice.


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